Keep IT Simple The System i platform can replace a collection of smaller servers with a single system capable of supporting a variety of operating systems and applications so you can concentrat on doing business.
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System i Security The IBM System i™ platform provides comprehensive solution capabilities for a highly secure system environment. Sophisticated technologies combine to minimize the potential risk posed by security threats, while better enabling you to rapidly adapt and respond to changing Security Policy requirements.
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Availability and Business Continuity The Capacity BackUp Edition offering recognizes that true high availability or disaster recovery solutions require two systems. If one system is not available the other one "takes over". What if you could deploy such a solution more economically?
IP Telephony Companies all over the world are lowering costs and making their employees more productive with IP Telephony. But, to get these benefits, they had to invest in several servers dedicated to just running Telephony. Now, there is a better way...
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Collaboration Your company's success doesn't depend solely on what you do or what you offer - it is what you know that matters most. Or, rather, what your employees know - when they know it, and how easy it is to obtain and share that knowledge.
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