• Built-in operating system and database

  • Built-in virus resistance and security tools

  • Built-in backup and recovery tools

  • Built-in performance tuning and Web-based management tools

  • Built-in Web server

  • Optimized for small and mid-sized businesses with up to 40 users
Bottom line
Many small and mid-sized companies are facing the challenge of an overly complex IT environment. As your business grows, your computing needs increase. Implementing new applications may mean adding more servers, which can increase spending and staffing requirements. Now more than ever, you need a system that can help you become more responsive to your customers, improve productivity, operate without interruption and secure your data and systems—all without making large upfront investments in time, skills or money. You need a business system that is there when you need it and grows with your business. The IBM System i™ family can deliver the power and capacity to run multiple business applications on a single system; integrating different functions to simplify your IT environment. Because the System i platform delivers a complete business system with the features and functions you need built in, it can be an extremely cost-effective business system.

By design, the System i family is highly secure and virus resistant. It supports proven, industry-specific solutions from IBM Business Partners with innovative IBM technology and the capability to run numerous popular operating systems and application environments on one system. System i offerings provide flexible pricing with a keen focus on delivering value in your business. The result is a simple, affordable, highly capable solution featuring outstanding price performance, reliability and manageability, legendary security, and the flexibility to start small and grow to meet new business demands.

Common features
Hardware summary
  • IBM® POWER5+™ processors—the tenth generation of 64-bit processor technology
  • Multi-platform operating environment with capability to run i5/OS®, Linux®, IBM AIX 5L™ and application environments such as IBM WebSphere® and Java™
  • On demand pricing options help match purchasing flexibility with technology and business needs
  • Extensive portfolio of proven solutions available in all operating environments
  • Full 5250 OLTP processing capability
  • Includes i5/OS and can add Microsoft Windows1, Linux and AIX 5L operating systems
  • 1-way offering provides up to 3800 CPW, 2-way provides up to 7100 CPW
  • Up to 16 GB memory
  • Up to 8 disk drives—560 GB of capacity
  • 6 PCI-X slots, Up to 12 WAN lines or 8 LANs
  • Integrated Ethernet LANs and disk controller
  • Integrated DVD-ROM
  • Base 2-line WAN